The EXPLORER Visitors Guide was developed in 1995 as a co-op marketing vehicle for the merchants of the Town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia — one of the oldest permanent European settlements in Canada. The publication now encompasses the entire region and is made possible solely through the support and participation of area businesses, community organizations, civic-minded individuals, the Municipality of the County of Annapolis and the Town of Annapolis Royal. Published annually by Trans World, Explorer consultants are Charade and Habitation Realties Ltd. 

        We sincerely hope you enjoy your virtual visit to the Annapolis Royal Area and hope you will plan a trip to this delightful region of southwest Nova Scotia and the Fundy Coast. If you stroll through the centuries in person, be sure to pick up your free copy of The EXPLORER Visitors Guide. In the meantime, visit online at http://www.exploreannapolisroyal.com

        Photos are courtesy of Trish Fry, The Garden Shutterbug, Historic Gardens, Parks Canada, Deb Ryan, Annapolis County Recreation Department, Grant Potter, ARCAC, Historical Association of Annapolis Royal, Annapolis Heritage Society and Nova Scotia Tourism.

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