Natal Days 2011 Celebrates 200 Years of Annapolis Royal’s Outstanding Volunteer Fire Department

Enjoy Four Days of Natal Day Fun in Annapolis Royal, July 29 - Aug. 1

Natal Day Weekend in Annapolis Royal offers a variety of fun-filled activities for all ages. This year promises to be even more exciting as we proudly salute the Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department for 200 Years of dedicated and outstanding service to our community. As early as 1811 the residents of Annapolis Royal saw the need to provide fire protection and organized themselves into a local fire brigade. This makes our Fire Department one of the oldest in North America. For 200 Years the men and women of Annapolis Royal have unselfishly answered the call to assist their neighbours by providing continuous fire protection and emergency services to the the Town of Annapolis Royal and the outlying districts of Annapolis County.

A number of events are occurring throughout the year, including Natal Day weekend, to mark this significant event.  Please join us to celebrate this significant milestone of community service. For a complete list of Natal Day activities please visit

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