Olympic Flame Shines Brightly in Annapolis Royal

Torch Relay Video showcases Olympic history being made in Annapolis Royal.

It was a glorious, fun-filled, occasion for people of all ages as Day 21 of the Olympic Torch Relay dawned in historic and scenic Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, on November 19. There was truly something for everyone. Hearts were as warm, and smiles as bright, as the famous flame. The Torch is gone, but the extraorodinary memories will last a lifetime.

It is often said that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” With our colourful new Olympic Torch Relay Slide Show, you can also experience the pageantry and enjoy the sights and colour of this incredible day. It is set to the delightful song, “Peace on Earth” from Jeanne (Doucet) Currie’s latest CD, “serrons-nous la main” which is is available at Annapolis Appliance, Baintons, Historic Gardens and other locations in Annapolis Royal or by visiting http://www.jeannedoucetcurrie.ca  Music by Wayne Currie. 

For information about upcoming events and a preview of the 2010 Explorer Visitors Guide, visit http://www.ExploreAnnapolisRoyal.com

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