Washing Soldiers 1797 ~ Join the Fun!

Two "Tales From a Tiny Perfect Town" Return to Annapolis Royal

Two "Tales From a Tiny Perfect Town" Return to Annapolis Royal

Due to massive public demand, the Annapolis Heritage Society is bringing back both of its “Tales From A Tiny Perfect Town” plays for the summer of 2009. Both plays, written by acclaimed local playwright Kent Thompson, take history out of the text books and put it on the street. While both plays start with actual historic events, they are treated in such a way that modern audiences are sure to have fun. 

“Washing Soldiers 1797” is a musical based on a visit of the Duke of Kent. When the visit is announced, everyone in town (including Molly who runs the bath house) is thrown into a bizarre series of events. Low and vulgar entertainment with some few moments of historical truths. June 25, 26 plus July 24, 25, 31.

“5 Stab Wounds in the Governor” is a murder mystery based on the actual death of Governor Lawrence Armstrong. With a cast of potential suspects, will the jury return the save verdict as they did in 1739? August 16.

Both of these fun-filled plays will be held at the Farmers and Traders Market in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia ~ one of Canada’s oldest settlements. The Farmers Market is located only a few blocks from Fort Anne, Canada’s oldest National Historic Site. Don’t miss the fun!

For additional details contact (902) 532-7754 or visit www.annapolisheritagesociety.com

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