Butterfly Workshop on Tap for June 6

Hillsdale House Inn Hosts Butterfly Workshop

Hillsdale House Inn Hosts Butterfly Workshop

The Hillsdale House Inn is creating a Butterfly Garden in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia to assist in the cause to provide a protective environment for the “at risk” Monarch Butterfly. In doing so they have coordinated a workshop on Saturday, June 6, from 2 – 4 p.m. to give others an opportunity to learn why the establishment of these gardens is so important, as well as what is required to set up a Butterfly Garden in their own yard.

In setting up the workshop the Hillsdale House Inn is partnering with the Mersey Tobiatic Research Institute (MTRI) who oversee the Nova Scotia Species at Risk Prpogram; Brennan Caverhill, MTRI Outreach Biologist; and Gilberte Doelle, owner of Wild Rose Organic farm in Gilbert’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Gilberte is a certified organic gardener who among many other things is growing plant materials that attract the Monarch butterfly.

The workshop package includes

A presentation on the current plight of these butterflies and what is happening in our region of Nova Scotia to establish safe habitats for them to reproduce, and safe migration routes

A presentation on how to select a location and prepare your butterfly garden bed

A presentation on what plant materials are best suited to attracting butterflies

Participation in the planting of the Hillsdale House Inn’s garden

Membership in the “Butterfly Club”, which includes a few surprise gifts

A ‘Day Pass’ to the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

Additional takeaway items, including a new “Landowner Stewardship Guide”


On hand there will also be a supply of plants available for purchase, with the proceeds going to the Nova Scotia Species At Risk program.

WORKSHOP PRICE: Adults $25.00 Children Under 6 $18.00 (prices are plus tax) Space limited. Reserve early by calling 902-532-2345. http://www.hillsdalehouseinn.ca 

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