TIANS Golden Hospitality Award ~ Candlelight Graveyard Tours


TIANS Golden Hospitality Award Winner
TIANS Golden Hospitality Award Winner

Golden Hospitality Award Winner – Alan Melanson

Presented by Corpora

The winner of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia’s 2006 Golden Hospitality Award is a descendent of one of the original Acadian families in Canada. Alan Melanson can often be spotted in the evening, costumed and carrying a lantern, guiding groups of visitors down darkened paths of the oldest English graveyard in Canada.

By day, our winner has provided historical animation for Parks Canada to visitors of Fort Anne National Historic Site in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia for 27 seasons. In 1992 he developed his highly successful Candlelight Graveyard Tour whichhas been shared with more than 45,000 people. Originally created as a method to entice visitors for overnight stays in the area, the tours are presented through the Historical Association of the town. Our winner donates the majority of the proceeds back to the Historical Association of Annapolis Royal to assist in their efforts to promote and preserve heritage in the area.

His extraordinary ability to connect with people and provide a very real connection to the past has made him synonymous with Annapolis Royal. He has become a symbol of Nova Scotia hospitality to thousands all over the world. Remembered by many as the most significant part of their visit, our winner truly embodies the spirit of this award. One might say he has also done his part in recruiting people to work in our Industry – as he met and fell in love with the woman who became his wife; a visiting tour operator from Texas.

Because of his efforts, he has greatly enhanced the reputation of Nova Scotia through his genuine caring of our visitors.

For more information about Alan’s Candlelight Graveyard Tours visit www.TourAnnapolisRoyal.com




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