Annapolis Royal Featured in MacLean’s Magazine

Annapolis Royal was recently featured in MacLean’s Magazine’s “Canada 2014: 10 Places You’ve Got to See” sponsored by the new Jeep Cherokee. To see all of the 10 locations selected visit For other interesting articles, and to subscribe to MacLean’s, click


Annapolis Royal Selected! “Canada 2014: 10 Places You’ve Got to See”

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia will be featured in the March 17, 2014 edition of MacLean’s Magazine, in addition to a 2014 Jeep Cherokee commercial and a special video in conjunction with “Canada 2014: 10 Places You’ve Got to See”. Special thanks to Andrew Tolson, photo Editor of MacLean’s, for this photo and his stunning video. Thanks also to Candlelight Graveyard Tour’s Alan Melanson in addition to Adele MacDonald, Ryan Scranton and JoAnn MacKay for their eloquent commentary and to all of the talented musicians, artists and folks who participated, both on-screen and off. After viewing this video, be sure to sign a ballot for your chance to WIN a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Here’s the link to the video:

Achy Breaky 2 Dance

Achy Breaky 2 Dance

Achy Breaky 2 Dance for all of your dance lovers — just in time for Valentine’s Day! Guaranteed to make you have a happy heart. Enjoy.

Holiday Explorer & An Artfelt Christmas Coming Soon!

Holiday Explorer & An Artfelt Christmas Coming Soon!



CLICK ON THE GHOST in the photo above to see the Schedule of Events. It’s Spooktacular!!!

Tour Annapolis Royal

Tour Annapolis Royal

Natal Days 2013 ~ Schedule of Events

Natal Days 2013 ~ Schedule of Events


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